Custom Blonding Services

Foil Highlights

Precision Contrast

Elevate your hair with Foil Highlights at LOKA Beauty Studio, where precision meets artistry. Our skilled colorists use foils to strategically place highlights, creating contrast and depth that enhances your natural beauty.

  • Customized placement for a look that complements your features
  • Choice of shades to add warmth, coolness, or a dramatic effect
  • Techniques that ensure minimal damage and maximum longevity

Foil highlights are perfect for those seeking a noticeable, yet sophisticated change in their hair’s dimension and overall appearance.


Soft, Natural Elegance

Discover the beauty of Balayage at LOKA Beauty Studio, a technique that offers a more natural, sun-kissed radiance. Our expert colorists hand-paint your hair, creating a seamless, graduated effect that mimics the subtle, natural highlights of sun exposure.

  • Tailored to your haircut and natural hair movement
  • Low-maintenance growth, ideal for a busy lifestyle
  • Versatile for all hair types, lengths, and colors

Balayage is the perfect choice for a low-maintenance, effortlessly chic look.

Lowlights & Full Blonding

Depth and Drama

Transform your hair with Lowlights and Full Blonding services at LOKA Beauty Studio. Whether you’re adding depth with lowlights or opting for a complete blond transformation, our colorists deliver stunning results.

  • Lowlights to add richness and depth to overly lightened hair
  • Full blonding for a bold, head-turning transformation
  • Expert blending for a natural, cohesive look

Choose lowlights for subtle sophistication or full blonding for a dramatic, confidence-boosting change.

At LOKA, Discover Transparent Pricing for Exceptional Services

We pride ourselves on transparency at LOKA, especially when it comes to our diverse range of services. Just like our commitment to clarity in pricing, we offer a variety of specialized services tailored to meet your unique needs. Explore the world of beauty with our distinct offerings: