Welcome to Our Spa Services

At LOKA, we prioritize clarity and openness when it comes to our pricing philosophy. Similar to other service-based industries, we distinguish between parts and labor, ensuring that you only pay for the specific services you utilize. This breakdown involves payment for the service itself and the exact cost of the color applied to achieve your desired look. Our firm belief is in eliminating any ambiguity related to pricing, promoting a direct and transparent approach.

To ensure precision, we employ Salon Scale to weigh and calculate the exact cost of the color utilized. Acknowledging the distinctiveness of each color and the individual preferences of our clients, we are dedicated to delivering a tailored service rather than a one-size-fits-all solution. At LOKA, our unwavering commitment to transparency guarantees that you have a clear understanding of the costs associated with your personalized experience.

At LOKA, Discover Transparent Pricing for Exceptional Services

We pride ourselves on transparency at LOKA, especially when it comes to our diverse range of services. Just like our commitment to clarity in pricing, we offer a variety of specialized services tailored to meet your unique needs. Explore the world of beauty with our distinct offerings:


Experience treatments for grooming or glamour. Our skilled providers are ready to show you how to highlight your best self.


Brazilian wax $61+

Underarms $31

Bikini $41+

Brows- 16+

Chin $21

Lip $11

 Half Leg $51

Full Leg 76+


Lashes & Brows

Classic, Hybrid and Volume Lash Extensions starting at $115+
customizable with consultation

Lash lift and tint $100+

Brow lamination $86

Brow tint and shape $37

Combo brows $350

Powder brows $350

Nano brows $350

Custom Facials

Facials are customized to skins needs

Peels are available after consultation

Custom facials $100+

Dermaplane $21+


Indulge in our meticulously crafted lash treatments, tailored to enhance your natural beauty with precision and care. Whether you desire a classic look or a dramatic flair, our skilled technicians will create stunning lash extensions that complement your unique style.

For smooth, radiant skin, experience the artistry of our waxing services. From brows to brazilians, our gentle techniques and high-quality products ensure a comfortable and flawless finish every time.