Hello, my name is Giselle, and I am an associate hair stylist at LOKA Beauty Studio in Wilmington, DE. Hair stylist near me

My passion for the beauty industry began in childhood when I loved playing with hair and makeup, inspiring me to turn this interest into a career.

Professional Journey and Expertise

At LOKA Beauty Studio, I bring creativity and enthusiasm to my role as an associate and stylist. My journey in the beauty industry has been fueled by my love for transforming looks and making clients feel beautiful. A proud moment in my career is becoming a licensed cosmetologist, which has opened numerous doors for me in the beauty industry.

Personal Interests and Inspirations

If I could talk to one fictional character, it would be Barbie, and I would love to do her next hair and makeup style. This playful and imaginative approach reflects my creative spirit. If I had to morph into an animal, it would be a cat because I could run around, sleep, look pretty, and still walk into LOKA from time to time.

A theme song for my life would be “My Future” by Billie Eilish, which speaks to my excitement about the future and the endless possibilities it holds.

Hair stylist near me

Why Choose Giselle at LOKA Beauty Studio? Hair stylist near me

I chose to work at LOKA Beauty Studio because of its vibrant vibe and educational work experience. The supportive environment at LOKA allows me to grow professionally while delivering top-notch beauty services to our clients. We prioritize clean and green beauty practices, ensuring that every service is both eco-friendly and of the highest quality.

Book an appointment with me at LOKA Beauty Studio, Wilmington, DE, and let’s create a look that reflects your unique style and personality.

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